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3" Don Orrell Offset Stirrups - White Oak

3" Don Orrell Offset Stirrups - White Oak Wood - Leather Laced Tread

Tread: 3" | Neck: 3" | Width: 5 1/4" | Height: 5"

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3" Don Orrell Offset Stirrups - White Oak Wood

-Hand made in the USA!
-Made with White Oak wood by Don Orrell Stirrups
-Wear leathers prevent excessive wear and tear on fenders
-Wood grain may vary due to natural patterns of the wood

Don Orrell Stirrups Says:
"Offset stirrups offer the rider an advantage in events that require hard stops and slides, such as reining and cutting. The Offset style adjusts the position of your foot to aid in keeping your toes up and heels down while riding. They are also a favorite for those who typically have knee or hip pain with other types of stirrups. This handcrafted stirrup consists of seven layers of carefully selected laminated wood, softened edges, richly stained leather treads, and two coats of polyurethane finish. This is a great option if you are buying stirrups for a gift as these fit all riding disciplines."